Helping brands cut through all the noise and find their true voice using sound and story.


 "Andrew and his team did an excellent job from start to finish. Pleasant to work with, prompt delivery, very happy with the final product!"


- Jenny



Video Production

Two people can point a camera and lens or a smartphone at the same target, and tell two very different stories. Our team will help you (start to finish) tell the story that most connects with your target audience.



Image is powerful. A single image or a series of images can make or break a purchase, a deal or a movement. It's not just a pretty picture. Good images are well thought out, and executed. We help brands drive real results.


Audio (Voice Over)

If you're a hearing person, good sound is critical to your final production. Whether it's voice over, music or sound effects, audio is meant to enhance...not detract! Getting audio "right" can make or break your story.


Marketing NOT really about you!

It's about THEM. Whether it's FB, IG, or YT, it doesn't matter. What matters is that the story you're telling connects with the right audience, and they see themselves as the hero of their own journey.

 "Too many people make the mistake of thinking they can shoot a cool video or image and then everything will magically work itself out. But video is NOT marketing; marketing is marketing".

- Andrew Hostetler


We Are a Results Driven Media Production Company

We're not just here to make you a "really cool" thing, we want to increase your bottom line!


Pre-Production (Dream Big)

Before the lights, action, camera... 

ALWAYS start with the end in mind.


It's not just about telling any old story. Instead, it's about connecting with your target audience. We can help you think through everything from start to finish and tell a story that resonates with THEM. Marketing is always about THEM, not you.


We'll work with you to get a solid plan in place before anything else!

This is the best way to get the most return on your investment.


Production (Don't Overthink)

This is where things can go wrong very quickly.

If you haven't established the vision and subsequently the style and method of delivery, you could be doing it all wrong.


People tend to over-complicate this part, and they do themselves a disservice. Production has many moving parts but the VISION is what brings everything together. 


Having the right team to walk you through this process is



Now it's time for all the pieces of the puzzle start to come together.


This is where you assemble all those pieces and start the process of editing. The magic happens in post production. It's not always about what you say, but what you don't say. It's truly an art.


I have over 10 years experience crafting stories. But it doesn't stop there. Marketing is about how you'll reach the right people. What will set you apart is who sees that story. That's where marketing begins....


Reach Your Target Audience

Now it's time to get the word out!

But who will listen? This is also known as marketing.

If you've already done your homework (above) then you should know who your target audience is and where they "live", how to reach them. Now it's time to get your message in front of them.


There are many ways to do this. It will vary per project. Let's talk!


Voice Over Talent

Having the right voice for your project brings it to life and allows the audience to identify with your message. Andrew Hostetler has been doing voice over work for a decade, and can be heard on commercial, e-learning, walkthroughs and more. But if Andrew's voice is not what you're looking for we can connect you with another voice over professional to complete your production.


iPhone + imagination

If you're holding back because you don't have "the right gear", but you have a mobile phone, then you're only being held back by your imagination...


Armed with a few tips and tricks, and some practice, you can achieve some great result simply using the mobile phone in your pocket! Check out this family video I randomly shot in a nearby meadow. I shot this entirely on iPhone. No special lenses or filters, all hand-held. I did edit this in Premiere Pro. But I can show you how to achieve similar results for your next big project on budget.

Let's Bring Your Vision To Life.


Virtual Tours!

Virtual Tours are a great way to show off a home, a business, a park or even your town!

Here's an example of a virtual tour for a park and fairground.


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